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Bill Moore

Bill has been pastor of Cornerstone Baptist Church since October 1, 2002. Believing that pragmatism and a less-than-biblical view of evangelism and conversion now dominate Baptist life, he seeks to lead Cornerstone to recover a biblical understanding of the doctrines of the faith and of the practice of the church.

Three of his articles reflecting this concern have been published:

A graduate of Georgia Southern University, Bill has earned several degrees, culminating with the PhD in Historical Theology from The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. His dissertation, “From Biblical Fidelity to Organizational Efficiency: The Gospel Ministry from English Separatism of the Late Sixteenth Century to the Southern Baptist Convention of the Early Twentieth Century,” examines the shift in Baptist understanding of the ministry from one emphasizing biblical faithfulness to another concerned with quantifiable success.

Bill and his wife Kynette were married in 1977 and have three daughters and ten grandchildren.