1797 Hwy 72 W, Clinton, SC 29325
A Reformed Fellowship

Sunday Bible Study (9:45 – 10:30 a.m.)

July 2 – September 24

1) Engaging Pilgrim’s Progress

 Teacher: Bill Moore 
     Pilgrim’s Progress, a classic allegory of the Christian life, was written by John Bunyan and first published in 1678. John Piper maintains, “As I look around me in the world and in the word of God, my own sense is that what we need from Bunyan right now is a glimpse into how he suffered and how he learned to ‘live on God that is invisible.’ I want that for myself, my family, and my church—and I want that for all who read this book. Nothing glorifies God more than when we maintain our stability and even our joy having lost everything but God (Hab 3:17–18). That day is coming for each of us, and we do well to get ready.”  Such a book will help us incorporate a worldview that will aid our navigating our own earthly pilgrimage. In addition to reading Pilgrim’s Progress, we will view each Sunday a segment of a Ligonier teaching series by Dr. Derek Thomas entitled, “The Pilgrim’s Progress: A Guided Tour.”

2)  Spiritual Disciplines For The Christian Life

Teacher: Drew Trammell
This class will be reading and studying “Spiritual Disciplines For The Christian Life” by Donald S. Whitney.  The disciplines covered in this book are: Scripture Reading, Prayer, Worship, Scripture Meditation, Evangelism, Serving, Stewardship, Scripture Application, Fasting, Silence & Solitude, Journaling, and Learning. Instead of being constraining, spiritual discipline can bring great freedom into the Christian life.  Developing these disciplines in our lives are all for the purpose of godliness.

3) The Twelve Disciples

Teacher:  Gary French
Jesus had about three years to mold a dozen fearful and faithless men into the pillars of a worldwide movement. Despite this brief window, time in Jesus’ presence had a tremendous transforming effect on each of them, and they would be forever changed by Jesus’ power. This study of Jesus’ first followers can transform us, as well, and help mold us into the image of our Savior.