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A “thank you” to Bob Ward and to Stephens Street Baptist Church

When my wife called that our daughter and her family were involved in an automobile wreck near Cookeville, Tennessee, I called the only person I know there—Bob Ward, president of Partners in Ministry, International (PIMI). Our church has supported PIMI for years, both financially and through teams of volunteers going to Romania, and esteem the work of Bob and PIMI in Romania.

Bob immediately went to work, contacting his church, Stephens Street Baptist Church. Bob and Rick Lowhorn, Minister of Outreach and Christian Development at Stephens Street, spearheaded the effort to see about Christa and Bob and the children, who had been transported to Cookeville Regional Medical Center (CRMC). The staff at CRMC proved thorough and caring in examining the family and seeing to their physical needs.

Though Kyla, the oldest child, was kept at the hospital overnight for observation because of a concussion, the family had escaped relatively uninjured. Bruises and cuts and scrapes, to be sure, but evidently nothing worse. Rick took Christa and the other children to buy some essential items (provided by the church, from what I understand) and took them all to his house for the evening.

I am especially grateful to Bob Ward, Rick and Amy Lowhorn, and the other members of Stephens Street who are being so thoughtful and helpful during this time of critical need. Their service will be always be fondly remembered.

Needs now include working with the insurance company, seeking to salvage clothing and other belongings in the Excursion and the camper they were pulling, and getting transportation to Kansas City, Kansas, where they were going to visit Bob’s family, and then on to Hawthorne, Nevada, which has always seemed to me to be on the other side of the world. Now it seems even farther. And yet God will provide, as he has provided our brothers and sisters in Cookeville.


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