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President Obama and the Nobel Peace Prize: saying you are humble doesn’t make it so

President Barack Obama received the Nobel Peace Prize today in Oslo, saying that he accepted it with “deep gratitude and great humility.” The president acknowledged the controversy over his being awarded the prize in the first place, a proper response considering that nominations had to be in before he had served as the nation’s chief executive for one month.

Acknowledging that he accepted the award with “great humility,” however, fails to resonate with me. Saying it doesn’t make it so. An exhibition of humility would have been to decline the prestigious award when first notified. Americans of all political persuasions believe that the award is premature at best. Humility would have said, “While I appreciate the honor which the committee has sought to bestow upon me, I cannot accept it because I simply have not earned it. May it go to someone who has invested years, if not decades, to the pursuit of peace.”