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Abortion: the child sacrifice of sophisticates

“Civilized” societies of the twenty-first century look with disdain upon those cultures which have been guilty of child sacrifice. In times of trouble, children would be sacrificed to some deity of popular imagination in order to placate the wrath of that god. At other times, children would be sacrificed in order to secure blessing, perhaps needed rain for a good crop.

Consider the desire for abortion on demand in our American culture. Why are the lives of unborn children ended? While sophisticates claim that a woman’s “right to choose” must be protected at all costs, they do not really get into the real reasons why that baby’s life must be sacrificed. One may hear something about protecting the “health” of the woman, but the sophisticates are referring to a woman’s psychological health, a particularly nebulous criterion, not physical, because protecting a woman’s physical life is granted by most pro-life advocates as a necessary consideration.

What sophisticates do not want to enter the conversation is that the child’s life is sacrificed in order to appease the gods of twenty-first century culture. Having to carry this child to birth will impede the mother’s pursuit of the god of pleasure or the god of recreation or the god of education or the god of career or the god of personal freedom. Ultimately, the child is sacrificed on the altar of selfishness, the supreme god of this age.

Future generations will look upon ours as being consumed with selfishness and irresponsibility. We certainly will not be esteemed as “sophisticated.”