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July 2: The Lord’s Supper–morning service;
Extended Session: lunch following morning worship
with afternoon session beginning @ 1:15.

Jesus Christ

The glory of the God-Man

The glory of the triune God lies beyond our comprehension. We have nothing to which to compare it. The most awe-inspiring moment that any human has experienced in this life pales into nothingness compared to God’s glory. For eternity the Godhead was glorified among each other and, after the creation of angels, by those celestial beings. When God the Son came to…

What Child is this?

A central point of attack against Christianity is the deity of Christ. Is Christ merely a human, is he some sort of created god, or is he eternal God? If the Bible is the authority on such matters, then we cannot help but understand that Christ is eternal God, God the Son. The first two verses of the gospel according to John…

In a world of death, the promise of life

The older we become, the more aware we are of the specter of death. When we are young, relatively few people whom we personally know die. As we grow older, that number increases. Many of us grow more aware of death because we realize we have fewer days before us than we have behind us. Youth sees death as little more than…

The righteousness of Christ

Jesus Christ is commonly portrayed as a benevolent man who went around doing good, loving everyone, accepting people as they are, and in general making people’s lives better. To be sure, he did go about doing good, and he did make the lives of many people better. Many were the recipients of his physical healings and miraculous provisions. Even greater was his…